Paul Cooney's 12 Week Coaching Mentorship


Our mentorship programme was put together with one goal in mind…

To help coaches build and run a profitable business that not only gets incredible results for its client’s but also gives the owner the business and lifestyle they want.

Hi, my name is Paul Cooney,


As a coach in the fitness industry for over 16 years I have done it all, from spending hours and hours on the gym floor as a fitness instructor, cleaning machines, teaching classes like spin and body pump to setting up and running my own PT business within the gym that then grew into opening and running my own group training studio with over 100 members.

You could say I have seen and done it all.

Over the last 16 years I have seen lots of amazing trainers come and go, it’s not that they were bad at their job or struggled to get results its because no matter how good you are as a coach you won’t survive in the industry unless you understand the business side of it.

Before we go any further, this isn’t another 6-figure sales pitch, it’s not what I do.  Of course, our ultimate goal is to help you build a business that is profitable and if that means 6 figures per month then brilliant.


But if your goal is quick cash and not to build a rock-solid long-term business then this programme isn’t for you.

Want to build a rock solid profitable coaching business?

Brilliant, read on to find out more...


Most coaches in the industry are making some key errors with their business;

No 1.  They don’t have a business plan


You always have to remember that you are trying to run a real business, this isn’t just a hobby.  You have to have targets and goals for the business, financial and operational.

Then you need an actual solid plan of how you are going to get there.  Planning 3, 6, 12 months ahead is extremely important and stops you constantly following the next new training or marketing trend.  Much like working out you need a plan and you need to stick to it.

No 2.  They don’t know their numbers

One of the biggest mistakes I see coaches make is to blindly copy someone else’s business model in the hope it will work for them, IT WONT.

How many clients will you need?  How much are you going to charge? Is your target market willing to pay what you want to charge?  Is what you’re charging going to make you enough profit to live the lifestyle you want and make this a sustainable business?

These are all huge questions that need answered.  At the end of the day you want to help people I get that, but if your coaching business doesn’t survive because you don’t know your numbers then how can you help anyone?


No 3.  They don’t know how to sell

Sales isn’t a dirty word, for years I thought this myself, as soon as someone mentioned sales I would cringe.  But sales are the lifeblood of any business, without being able to effectively package, market and sell what you have to offer your business will die. 


That’s the truth.  I have seen countless amazing trainers leave the industry because they failed to sell.

Sales doesn’t have to be sleazy or pushy, it's about being able to present what you offer in a clear way and overcome any fears or doubts people may have before they sign up to work with you. 


At the heart of everything you are here to help them improve their lives so getting them on a programme that will help them do that will only benefit them.

I would bet my house on it you are making at least one of these mistakes and its causing…
  • Long working days chasing your tail using all your energy to put out fires.

  • Lower income as you change your price for each client or don’t know how to structure packages correctly.

  • Unnecessary stress as you have no plan, are unsure of income from week to week and have no idea how to grow the business.

  • You don’t need me to tell you this but, it cannot carry on like this, I have seen it all before, you will end up, stressed out

  • Underpaid or in dept

  • More frustrated than ever hating the work you used to love

  • And ultimately burn out and leave the industry you love.

When I say I have seen 100’s of trainers go this way in the industry over my 16 years I am not kidding.  Just check out the figures online around coaches who drop out of the industry it’s a massive problem!

This was my very first studio in 2012

I have been through it all

Walking in on your first day with no clients and no idea how to get any…


It’s absolutely terrifying. 

I had all the skills to be a good coach for my client’s but absolutely no business skills…

  • Struggling to find clients

  • No idea what to do with social media

  • Struggling to make ends meet

  • Spending 15 hours a day searching for clients on the gym floor

  • Not having any freedom to take time off as I had no income if I did

Then slowly but surly over the years I started to develop the skills you don’t learn on your PT courses.

  • I learned who I wanted to work with

  • I learned how to speak to them and take them from prospects to clients

  • I went on social media courses and found out how it works and how I can maximise it

  • I learned about marketing

  • I started to get a grasp of figures and how they impact my business

  • I got a business plan and followed it

Taking the time out of my business to work on my business was the single best thing I ever done, but it wasn’t easy.  It took me years to get to grips with all these things.  It took me countless hours finding and working with the right people to develop the right skills to run a successful and profitable coaching business…

From doing 1-1 in a big box gym to successfully running my own small group training studio with over 100 members its been a long road but I’ve learned a lot.
Running a coaching business doesn’t come with a manual

Here is the thing, you are a fully qualified coach, but unfortunately that hasn’t taught you how to run a business.

And in the age of the 6 figure fitness guru (who have never ran a coaching business or gym in their lives) it can be hard to sift through all the crap and get solid genuine advice to help you grow your business.

Coaches who are building revenue and growing business they love haven't discovered some secret sauce…  They a simply doing the basics really well.

What works isn’t following the attest social media guru telling you how have to get to 10k in 6 weeks!

  • It implementing solid systems into your business

  • It’s having an amazing client experience

  • It’s treating your coaching business or gym like a business and not a hobby

It may not sound sexy but they are the foundations to a solid and profitable coaching business or gym.

Just like you tell all your clients, get the basics right and the results will follow.

Imagine this,

You are sitting on a Sunday evening relaxing and thinking of the week ahead, relaxed about it knowing your clients are all on track.

You know you don’t have to chase any of your clients as you have the automated check in messages going out.

You check you calendar and its another busy week taking client’s you love to train.

You have booked the following weekend off but you’re not concerned.  Because of the systems in place and how you have set your business up you won’t be losing any revenue.

You check you bank balance, its healthy.

You check on your led gen and just like last week you have a number of highly qualified leads to call this week and onboard as new client’s.

You sit back content knowing business is running well and you’re in control of it.

You are doing the job you love

Making money

You are running your business your business isn’t running you!

This is what happens when you put the right business plan together and get the right systems in place.
That’s why I created Paul Cooney Coaching Mentorship Programme

The programme is designed for fitness professionals who want to accelerate their business growth and skip all the unnecessary expensive mistakes.

Whether you are newly qualified or have been in the industry a while now is the time to scale up and grow the business you want. 


A business that allows you to work with clients you love and make the profits you want.

Its time to get serious about running your business.

Whether you are working in a gym, own your own studio or want to work online we will equip you with the skills necessary to succeed.

Discovery call, (FREE)

  • The very first thing we need to do is spend some time discovering who you are, where you are currently with your coaching business and where you would like to be.

  • Who do you want to work with?  Age, location, demographic, online, in person or both?

  • Why you want to work with them? 

  • What is your driver and motivation?

  • Does your skill set match the vision you have for your business or are you lacking certain skills and knowledge to help your business grow? 

  • What are the priorities right now that you need to upskill?  Sales, marketing, social media? Coaching etc.?


Looking at your current skill set, Identifying the holes in your game, helping you learn and develop skills that will be needed to run a successful coaching business.

Plan of Action

This is where the programme really begins!

Now that we know the direction you want to go with your business, we have to set out a Plan Of Action to get you to the end goal…


A profitable coaching business.

Each week we will sit down with you 1-1, work out a plan to tackle the most pressing issues in your coaching business, learning new skills and being help accountable is just the beginning of your growth.  Working on mindset and confidence to help you grow is of upmost importance important. 

We also need to work on our list of priorities, this list will fill in the gaps in your personal skill set to allow you to grow and learn the skills you need to run a successful coaching business. 

Take action and implement 

You can’t run a successful coaching business without the skills to make it work, from acquiring clients through marketing & sales, to delivering your service to clients helping them get results. You need to build your skill set to allow you to take a client from a prospect to a paid client to results.

We will teach you exactly what that journey should look like!

Most of all we will keep you accountable to your goals, much like you would with a client.  Having direction and becoming goal orientated we make sure you are hitting targets weekly.  This is off upmost importance to help you build a coaching business you love.

Paul Cooney Coaching Priority System

How we structure and teach you depends completely on the individual trainer. 


This isn’t another cookie cutter programme where we send you a bunch of videos to let you work through on your own. 


Just like you would with your own clients everyone is treated individually.

After your discovery call, we will know exactly what you need to upskill and in what order,

  • You might be an amazing coach but unsure of how much to charge clients?

  • You may be struggling to put yourself out there on social media?

  • You may be fully booked but want to increase your revenue further?

We take your current skill set and add to it, developing new skills to allow you to grow as a coach, plug the gaps in your game and help you smash it.

Paul’s priority list is a series of educational content to help upskill coaches to give them the tools they need to build and run a profitable business. 

Each section has multiple areas to work on and because we take an individual approach with all our coaches the order in which you through them depends on you.

Priority List (Education)

  1. Social Media

  2. Marketing

  3. Sales

  4. Client acquisition

  5. Client journey (online/offline)

  6. Programming

   7. Nutrition

This isn’t one of those overpriced sales funnels or a bunch of silly mindset hacks it’s a business programme.
We give you the tools you need for your business to succeed!
Are you ready to build a less time consuming more profitable business?
If the answer is YES!  Simply click the button below to book your free discovery call!
How does the programme work?