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Your Parents are always right…

Now I’m sure as a child, just like me, you were always being told off – do this, do that, change out of
those mucky clothes, no football in the house, stop hitting your sister etc. etc. You know the usual.


But one thing that really seems to stick in my mind now that I am older (better looking and a bit
wiser) are the golden nuggets of nutritional information that my parents used to shout out on a
regular basis:


“Eat your greens”


“Eat that fruit”


“Did you have your cod liver oil (spooning it into us every morning… yuk)”


“Don’t eat anymore of them sweets.”


“Put that tin of biscuits down, they’re for visitors.”


“No fizzy drinks, water is good for you.”



Mummies & Daddies know best…

Now the reality is that not all their rules were based on scientific fact, but nonetheless they got the
healthy eating message across a lot better than we do today. I’m also finding that due to a lot of
misinformation a perfectly healthy and balanced diet has now turned into an extremely unhealthy
association with food for most people. An example of this is butter NOT MARGARINE!*


Butter is a perfectly healthy source of good fats that the body needs and wants; it is something that,
back in the day (I feel old writing that), would have been found alongside every meal we consumed:
cooked with, melted over potatoes and of course spread on everything from crackers to toast.


Until along came the big bad corporations and all there amazing money making schemes… sorry I
mean healthy choices and the very suspect information that fats are bad for you. All of a sudden,
we had everything from low fat butter (the fats are the whole point of its existence) and margarine,
to I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter and guess what… people are more overweight than ever. Heart
disease is on the rise along with many other lifestyle related health problems. Now of course like all
things butter should be taken in responsible amounts, and if you are worried about your weight
keep it to a minimum, as BUTTER is high in calories. Like I always say to my clients, everything in


Ok Ok I digress but you get my point…


So the reason I am taking you back to your childhood is not to bring back all those terrible memories
of getting a clip round the ear, but to show that with a bit of common sense and a huge slice of
parents wanting you to be fit, strong, healthy and happy you can actually work out an extremely
effective and healthy diet plan.

So here is your homework for this week…


  1. Eat your greens. At every single meal of the day. Remember 5-10 portions a day!

  3. Take some sort of fish oil. The benefits of a good quality fish oil are way beyond the scope of
    this article and something I will hopefully go into in the future. But needless to say from the
    hair on your head down to the toenails on your feet this stuff works wonders. How do you
    think I keep the quiff looking so good.

  5. Every balanced diet obtains vitamins and minerals from a variety of different sources. Fruits
    are packed with the good stuff; from berries to bananas get some in your belly.

  7. Less of the sweet stuff. That’s it. Just don’t eat it, it’s no good, put it down, and keep it out
    of the house – whatever it takes. Your body and waistline will thank you for it.

  9. Fizzy drinks/soft drinks. The reality of these is a massive amount of sugar being dumped into
    your system at once. Your body can neither cope with nor digest this surge of sugary
    goodness so it inevitably takes the easy route and sends it off to be stored in the fat cells. (a
    very basic breakdown but true nonetheless). Of course, it has its place, like the end of a long
    distance cycle, a big gym session or a marathon, as the body needs to replace the glycogen
    that was consumed by the muscles during exercise. But let’s be honest, when is the last
    time you cycled 100 miles, or ran a marathon for that matter.

Honesty Matters…


Be honest with yourself and think back to a time when you didn’t have a care in the world, you could
have played for days and had enough energy to run your parents ragged. I think you will find that
your diet was a lot better back then.


Right I’m off to try to find some penny chews that actually cost a penny and watch some reruns of


Paul C


P.S. * Margarine is an imitation butter spread used for all the same purposes but why would any
sane person swap wholesome tasty butter for margarine, a highly synthetic and unpleasant-tasting
concoction laced with additives and cheap, low-grade oils refined on an industrial scale… unless your
into that sort of thing of course.