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Smoothie Loving

Sometimes it can be a real struggle to fit in your five a day but smoothies are a great way of making sure that getting your five a day everyday is a much more achievable goal. There are so many benefits to smoothies that you would be really pushed to find a reason not to love them. They’re a quick and easy option for a snack or a meal and to make life even easier for yourself it can be helpful to prepare your ingredients the night before and then all you have to do is quickly put them into the blender and hey presto you’ve got a healthy and delicious breakfast. What’s more is that they can easily be eaten on the go, whether you sip on them on the journey into work or school or even save it to have by you at the office.


Smoothies are an easier way to live a healthier lifestyle and in the hope that you’re feeling inspired to try them out we’ve put together 3 of our favourite smoothie combinations so all that you have to do is throw them in the blender. Enjoy!


*Top tip: Fruit can be expensive so look out for reduced prices when fruit is close to expiring and freeze it so that it lasts longer. Over ripened bananas shouldn’t be wasted so instead of throwing them away, peel and chop them up and then put the into the freezer. The fruit can then be put straight into the smoothie when you’re ready to use it.


Banana & Berries (serves 2)

1 banana

A small handful of blueberries

A small handful of raspberries

4 slices of mango

1 tablespoon of natural yoghurt

Approx. 370 ml of milk

1 teaspoon of honey

A few cubes of ice


Kiwi & Orange (serves 4)

Smoothies don’t always have to be dairy based so to add a little more flavour you can swap out the milk for pure orange juice as we’ve done in this recipe.



2 bananas

4 slices of mango

1 kiwi

Approx. half a tub of natural yoghurt

4 Strawberries (sliced up)

A small handful of blueberries

Approx. 400 ml of orange juice

A drop of honey



Green smoothie (serves 2)

It can be easy to be put off green smoothies because realistically they aren’t the most aesthetically pleasing of drinks but with the coconut milk, bananas and vanilla included in this recipe we promise you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the outcome and even better, this one is a real pleaser with the kids so you can keep your little ones healthy too. What’s not to love?


2 cups of (unsweetened) coconut milk

1 and a half cups of spinach

Half a cup of fresh mint leaves

2 bananas

4 medjool dates (pitted)

1 teaspoon of vanilla



Please note: With most smoothies the order that you use the ingredients usually doesn’t matter but with this recipe we recommend that you blend the spinach, coconut milk and mint leaves until smooth first of all and then add the remaining ingredients.