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Sleep your way to superhero!!

In today’s fast paced and hectic world it is very often that we neglect the things that we need the
most. I think you will agree that sleep is most definitely at the top of this list, whether it is staying up
late watching your favourite television programme (quick side note – Game of Thrones is awesome
check it out) or simply having a busy work schedule that sees you rise before even the sun has
peeked over the horizon.

Well believe me I feel your pain…

One of the biggest obstacles with working as a personal trainer and running your own gym is the
long hours. Lots of early birds motivated and raring to go in the morning, then you have the night
owls who wait until work is done and kids are off to bed before attempting their daily exercise
Now on the plus side highly motivated individuals suit me down to the ground and make life as a
trainer so much easier, but like everyone else the first thing I sacrifice is my sleep and trust me we all
know playing catch up is a very difficult game.
So I have decided to put together Paul Cooney Fitness’ top tips on getting enough of that hard
earned slumber (if I don’t fall asleep at the desk first) zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  1. Drop the caffeine and alcohol before bed. Both of these will have a stimulating effect on the
    body, so although you may be sleeping you will not pass into deep REM sleep and will
    therefore wake up tired and grumpy.
  2. Eat your way to better sleep. If you plan your last meal correctly then it will aid the
    secretion of the body’s vital sleep hormones which knock you out cold. Aim to make your
    meal high in fats (olive oils etc), medium protein (chicken etc) and low in carbohydrates
    (rice). This will not only aid you in keeping lean but will also improve sleeping patterns.
  3. Turn your room into a Batcave. This is probably the easiest but unfortunately the least
    practised part of sleeping. Blackout curtains are a must. Turn off all electrical devices with
    led lights (phones, TV’s etc), and make the room as comfortable and dark as possible.
  4. Chill out a bit. A slightly cooler environment is more restful and allows the body to shut
    down better. So turn that heating down a little, get better sleep and save on the fuel bills.
  5. Exercise regularly. Well we all know the benefits of this one. And if you are unsure on how
    best to do it, give me a call?

Now remember you are aiming for 7-9 hours of uninterrupted and unbroken sleep a night.
So implement these changes, get your head down and take some hard-earned and welldeserved
Sleep tight Paul C