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Monday Maths lesson

Monday Maths lesson…


If Jane buys x1 beautiful black dress


x1 pair of heels to impress that guy in the office she has had her eye on for a while now.


Gets all made up looking hot to trot and off to the Christmas party she heads.


At the Christmas “shin dig” Jane consumes


x2 glasses on champagne (182 calories)


x3 glasses of red wine (255 calories)


Vegetable soup, chicken and mash, chocolate cake (735 calories)


x2 more glasses of red wine (170 calories)


x4 vodka and coke (1164 calories)


Keep up were nearly done…


x3 tequila (192 calories)


x3 bottles of Magners (615 calories)… And that’s it.


Oh wait on the way home she also had x1 burger and chips (649 calories)


(with the hot guy from the office no less)


How many calories did Jane consume?


A HUGE 3962 calories – Nearly twice her recommended daily intake.


Now why am I making you feel bad for enjoying yourself at your Christmas party?


Well the truth is I’m not, trust me at any events like this I’m the first at the bar and first to
let my hair down. But the point is that you should always be aware of how events and
parties can have a huge effect on your caloric intake. No matter how strict you have been
during the week it will be very difficult to balance your consumption and expenditure of
calories if you massively over consume every weekend.


So the take-away point!


Don’t beat yourself up for enjoying time with friends, family and co-workers, but recognise
that if you have an extremely fun weekend with lots of excess, just maintaining your current
weight could deserve a huge pat on the back.


Paul C


Train. Eat. Live