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It was as dry as gandis flip flop

It was as dry as Ghandi’s flip flop!


My mouth after that staff night out that is!


So I’m going to have to come clean it is not all salads and green tea over here at Paul
Cooney Fitness.. every now and then I enjoy a little drink or 5, and like everyone else at this
time of year I may drink one too many and wake up not feeling the best.


So I hear you ask


“Paul when I wake up feeling like I’ve been hit by a sledge hammer what can I do?”


Let me tell you…


  • Water Water Water you hear me harping on about this all the time. But you will
    be dehydrated after consuming large amounts of alcohol so get some good fluid into

  • Another hydrating liquid which really helps is coconut water. It’s extremely
    hydrating which is exactly what you need

  • Eggs (poached or scrambled is always best) they are full off protein and cystein
    and the latter helps mop up lots of nasty toxins.

  • Fruit. The fructose (sugar) in fruit increases energy which will speed up the
    removal of toxins.

  • Caffeine. Seems obvious really but it will dilate the blood vessels and help you
    clear that headache quicker.

  • Green tea. Packed with antioxidants to help keep the liver and other organs


So there you go some quick ideas to help clear that foggy head. On the other hand you
could just have a huge fry and well…


Let’s see how much better that makes you feel. Get the sick bag ready.


Paul C


Train. Eat. Live.