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Information overload

Information overload!


In today’s internet age where information is available at the touch of a button it’s easy to get
distracted by all the misinformation out there. This usually leads to people reading and researching
lots and actually not actioning anything.


One of the best examples of this is when I get a client who comes in and instead of taking on board
the simple one step at a time advice I give them every week, fitness or nutrition related. They jump
in all guns blazing.


Go from no training to 5 6am boot camps a week.


From eating a relatively average diet to dropping every single food group that resembles a
carbohydrate and basically putting the body into a highly stressed state!


Now if we take a step back and slow this down, even an untrained eye can see that with increasing
your energy expenditure (training 5 times a week) and decreasing you caloric intake (dropping out
whole food groups) that for the average person it’s going to be impossible to keep up and resembles
nothing like a healthy life style.


So my advice…


  1. Start slow introduce 1-2 training sessions a week of a moderate intensity and build over a
    period of time to maybe 3-4 max! Change your programme every 4-6 weeks if your with a
    good trainer this should be a given anyway.
  2. Make 1-2 nutritional changes each week. The first thing I always do with new clients is
    increase water intake (most of us are chronically dehydrated) and introduce more green
    vegetables into the diet.


Try it this week and see how you feel!


More water, More vegetables! Simples


Paul C


Train. Eat. Live