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I think my brain has turned to mush by now

I think my brain has turned to mush by now…


Something that I find myself feeling at the end of the year is the general fatigue. Now I am
not talking about been up to 3 in the morning singing Christmas carols and then trying to do
a day’s work the following day. What I’m talking about here is the general feeling of fatigue
physically and mentally and this can present itself as:


  • being less productive/ inventive mentally
  • feeling lethargic and tired daily.
  • finding it tough to drag yourself out of bed for another day’s work and really
    feeling the grind!



Usually this is due to a number of factors but what I want to talk about today is the delicate
balancing act that is life


Like anything in life if you overdo one thing you will end up with an imbalance. For example
a person overdoing their hard training sessions and not balancing it out with proper rest
recovery and maybe gentle sessions of yoga etc. ends up with a tight stressed body of
muscles which inevitably leads to injuries.


Now what are the best ways of counteracting this physical and mental fatigue:


Well apart from taking a month long holiday around Thailand here are my top tips for
improving your wellbeing.


  1. Sleep, sleep, and sleep zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. This is the most
    underrated recovery tool we as humans have. If you have not read my previous
    article on sleep click on the link and have a look at the best ways to get a good night
    of shut eye.
  2. Fluid intake. And I do not mean 8 coffees a day. It’s a simple as increasing your
    daily water intake. Every single cell in the body needs H2O to perform its daily
    functions. So guess what? If you’re not topped up your body won’t be running
  3. Work/Play balance. Now if you’re telling me you work all week nine to five and
    then party hard all weekend and think your life is balanced I have a feeling your
    missing my point. Mentally everyone needs a break but how they achieve this could
    be completely different. Now for me a good reset is to head to the gym and put
    myself through a good work out, also some down time listening to a good podcast,
    watching a movie or reading a good book helps me mentally unwind. Your choices
    could be completely different but remember you need this time the switch off and
    help the brain unwind. Light some candles…run a never know you might
    like it! (Obviously I would never do that as I’m a real man…ahem…)



With any of these options as always you have to actually implement them to get the results
you want. But trust me if you would like to be sharper, more focused and more productive
then taking some ME time is exactly what you need.



It’s not all work work work sure that’s no fun anyway.



P.s. Spending time on social media, laptops or tablets is not down time. Switch of the
electronic devices, read a good book, get in touch with nature or something.Stop wasting
your days on social media -go and use some actual social skillsby grabbing a coffee with a
good friend.