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How to Survive the Bank Holiday the Healthy Way

Just like with any other holiday, summer brings with it a never ending amount of temptations. It all kicks off with the May bank holidays which bring with them the incredible smell of BBQs everywhere and a few Sunday drinks that never seem to end well. But then comes the struggle of fighting those temptations to ditch the healthy lifestyle that you’ve been living all winter and throw away all of the hard work that you’ve put in at the gym all for one more hot dog and another pint. So you’re faced with a dilemma. You have 2 options to survive it. You either have to lock yourself in your room all of the bank holiday weekend or you go to that BBQ with all of your friends, telling yourself you’ll be good but knowing that deep down you have no intention of doing so, right? Wrong.


This bank holiday we’ve got you covered with some healthy alternatives to your usual alcoholic drink of choice so that you can sit back and relax in the sun while still being able to enjoy a drink with your friends and not worry about the calorie content.


Your best bet is to stick with spirits if you want to keep the calories down. Whether you choose vodka or gin, try sticking with a spirits based drink with a light mixer. If you’re brave enough you could even just go for one on the rocks. However, you’ve been warned, they may be your best bet in terms of a healthy alternative but they’re also the strongest option so take it slow and make sure you stay hydrated with plenty of water between drinks.


If you’re into your cocktails then a mojito is your new best friend. A cocktail that’s both low in calories and delicious and everyone’s a winner. You may be thinking we’re crazy with this suggestion and for those of you that are waist conscious there’s probably some very loud alarm bells going off in your head round about right now considering that this is a cocktail made out of sugar but if that’s the case you can easily request half of the simple syrup or better yet, ditch it altogether. The shot of rum included in mojitos is only worth about 100 calories while the 2 tablespoons of sugar in the form of syrup is about 40 calories. The other ingredients, mint, soda water and lime are all naturally low-cal so all that’s left to say on this one is, bottoms up!


Whether you prefer white or red wine, the good news is that although each wine will vary in terms of their calorie count, roughly a 5 ounce glass of wine will contain between 100-130 calories dependent on various factors, mainly the alcohol content of the chosen wine. Red wine is also known to have various health benefits such as lower blood presser and less risk of developing heart disease – not that this means you can drink it all of the time. In this scenario however, when in doubt stick with red wine.


Now you’ve got our advice on your healthiest options for alcoholic drinks all that’s left to say is, enjoy your bank holiday and more importantly, cheers!