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It was as dry as gandis flip flop

It was as dry as Ghandi’s flip flop!   My mouth after that staff night out that is!   So I’m going to have to come clean it is not all salads and green tea over here at Paul Cooney Fitness.. every now and then I enjoy a little drink or 5, and like everyone […]


Monday Maths lesson

Monday Maths lesson…   If Jane buys x1 beautiful black dress   x1 pair of heels to impress that guy in the office she has had her eye on for a while now.   Gets all made up looking hot to trot and off to the Christmas party she heads.   At the Christmas “shin […]


I think my brain has turned to mush by now

I think my brain has turned to mush by now…   Something that I find myself feeling at the end of the year is the general fatigue. Now I am not talking about been up to 3 in the morning singing Christmas carols and then trying to do a day’s work the following day. What […]


Were do I start?

Where to start???    Now this isn’t really a question I get asked a lot when people first come into my personal training practice. But as the conversation builds and they get more and more information it becomes the most important question of all. You may look at gym goers and think, “well they have […]