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Paul’s Pilates

A change of pace from the norm, this class is designed to help your unwind and relax as we focus on soft tissue work, revitalising stretches and returning the body to a relaxed state. This class is perfect for anyone working and training hard who needs a change of pace.

Titanic Strong

This resistance based workout will make you stronger and more powerful than anything before. Using equipment like kettle bells, TRX suspension trainer, power bags and old School strength moves, each session will test you resolve and push you further than ever before. And ladies the aim here is to make you lean and strong NOT big and bulky.

Cooney’s Cardio

A cardio based workout that will help you burn hundreds of calories utilising body weight movements, battle ropes, kettle bells, speed and high intensity work. Expect to work hard, sweat buckets and experience cardio like never before. Not even a treadmill in


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Want to join me for Pilates every Tuesday Morning @ 9.30am for 6 weeks?

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**Improve Flexibility**
**Increase Muscle Strength & Tone**
**Reinforce Strong Mobile Joints**
**Build Better Balance**

Then Send me a PM now for all the details!

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Early morning spin down...

Have a good Friday everyone 🤗

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Want to join our Next 6 Week Pilates Course?

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Tuesday Morning @ 9.30am
Wednesday Evening @ 7.30pm
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Paul c

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